Bewitched Baubles

Jewelry, Amulets, Supplies, & Collectibles with a Blessed Purpose.....

celtic fairy moon
Bewitched Baubles is happy to offer a beautiful array of gemstone jewelry, mostly set in 925 solid sterling silver. From time to time, I will also offer vintage items that have been layered as strong amulets for various purposes. Many of these items will have been used by many spiritual practitioners. Gemstones carry a great positive energy from Mother Earth. Many have been used throughout the years for healing purposes as well as to bring certain attributes to their wearer.  When these gemstones are attuned, there is no limit to the power they can supply the wearer. 

Each gemstone carries several valuable attributes.  When I am preparing an item I try to adhere to the natural qualities in that gemstone and I meditate that these attributes bless the new wearer. I am happy to do special orders if you have a certain need or request in mind. It may also be helpful for have a full name and birth date to attach to the item of your choice and I'm happy to do that as a complimentary service. A small printout about the item purchased as well as how to care for the item will be sent in the packaging.  I also like to include a little small gift along with each order.  It is my way of saying "thank you!" My items may be found on my websites, Etsy, & Ebay. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find the jewelry & blessings that you wish for :)